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  • 11:35, 27 February 2015 ‎Statutory declaration (hist) ‎[1,495 bytes] ‎Erik (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "When buying a property in Japan non-residents have to provide a Statutory Declaration as proof of address and signature to get the title transfer accepted by the Tokyo title regi...")
  • 11:02, 22 August 2014 ‎Property Management Agreement (hist) ‎[11,270 bytes] ‎Erik (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "== Responsibilities of Manager == The Owner appoints the Manager as his lawful agent and attorney-in-fact with full authority to do any and all lawful things necessary for the f...")
  • 15:12, 26 June 2012 ‎Namihiko Wakabyashi (hist) ‎[650 bytes] ‎Erik (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "Namihiko Wakabayashi worked at Akasaka Real Estate from February 2009 until January 2011. He is not a good person and it is better to stay away from him as much as possible. For ...")
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