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Akasaka Real Estate focuses on helping foreigners buy property in Tokyo, including both primary residences and investment properties. Other services include property management, help with obtaining financing, and organizing renovations. Akasaka Real Estate’s website also features property listings translated into English, as well as detailed statistics on the local market.


Akasaka Real Estate has assembled a team of seasoned real estate professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon when performing real estate brokerage, investment, consulting and management.

Erik Oskamp



Erik Oskamp came to Japan in 2004 and applied for a mortgage the first day. Within 2 months of research he bought his first property in Tokyo, a 3 bedroom house in Shirokane. By 2005 he bought his first investment property. During this process Mr. Oskamp encountered a lack of transparency in the Japanese real estate market and so proceeded to built computer models to assist with the statistical analysis. By 2006 he was able to realize his first capital gains with a 60% profit on the house in Shirokane. This encouraged him to take a more serious look at real estate. When many friends and colleagues started asking for information he realized the need for a real estate agency specialized in helping foreigners dealing with the Japanese market. He started Akasaka Real Estate in September 2007. He took advantage of the financial crisis by purchasing more properties in the dark days of early 2009. By 2010 many investors started following this strategy.

Before Mr. Oskamp started Akasaka Real Estate he spent over 15 years working in finance for companies such as Credit Suisse, Citibank, UBS and Barclays in New York, London and Tokyo as well as his native Amsterdam. In his last position at Barclays he was working as a quantitative analyst, modeling the yen yield curve for swap traders. For his full resume look here.

Mr. Oskamp divides his time between Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok. He currently owns over two dozen properties in Japan, but rents the apartment he lives in. In his rare free time you might find him at the beach with his daughters or enjoying traveling.

Yuko Tsuihiji

Property Manager

Yuko Tsuhiji joined Akasaka Real Estate in February 2010. Prior she worked for about 10 years for a small real estate agent in Tokyo. Her responsibilities include managing over 300 apartments. She loves the island of Palau and travels there every year.

Chito Kera

Licensed Realtor

Chito Kera joined Akasaka Real Estate in October 2011. He has worked as a real estate agent for over 5 years as such has extensive experience with all aspects of real estate transactions. Kera-san speaks native Japanese and business level English.

Akane Yokoo

Property Manager

Mio Yagi


Namihiko Wakabayashi

In accordance with Japanese law no information is made public about Mr Namihiko Wakabayashi's time with Akasaka Real Estate.