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Akasaka Real Estate in the Press

October 14 2015

New York Times: House hunting in ... Japan

November 23 2013

Beacon Reports: Reaching for yield in Tokyo’s buy-to-let market

June 18 2013

South China Morning Post: Tokyo property market set for Olympic bounce

December 26 2012

New York Times: House Hunting in ... Japan

November 28 2011 Live Webinar: How to Spot a Good Investment in Tokyo Real Estate with Erik Oskamp

November 14 2011

Het Financieele Dagblad: Vastgoedmarkt Japan klautert uit dal na domper door aardbeving (in Dutch)

February 25 2011

Metropolis: Real Estate Special

February 25 2011 Live Webinar: A Practical Investor’s Guide to the Tokyo Real Estate Market

February 7 2011

JapanToday: How to make money on property in Tokyo

January 20 2011 Reasons to invest in residential property in Tokyo

October 28 2010

Financial Times China: 该去东京投资房产了

September 22 2010

Global Property Guide: What you need to know about Tokyo residential property investment

September 17 2010

Financial Times: Tokyo turns to tomorrow

March 20 2009

Metropolis: Real Estate Special

October 3 2008

Metropolis: Real Estate Special

Other Real Estate Articles

Tokyo Flood Hazard maps (In japanese)

Tokyo Liquefaction Map

Nikkei Real Estate Market Report: "Prime Minister Kan: A Little-Known Expert on Land Policy"

Jones Lang LaSalle: "Real Estate Transparency"

Jones Lang LaSalle: "Japan and South Korea: Real estate transparency lags economic development"

Aug 31 2013 Economist "Global house prices"

Jul 7 2011 Economist "Global house prices"

Mar 3 2011 Economist "Global house prices"

Oct 21 2010 Economist "Global house prices"

Dec 30 2009 Economist: "Ratio rentals"

Global Property Guide: "Japan"

The Land Institute of Japan: "Monthly Data of Real Estate Economy"

Breithart: "Property purchases with foreign capital may be regulated"

GaijinPot: "Tokyo Investment Properties; What To Look For"

Oct 18 2010 Japan Today: Kan to review rules on land acquisitions by foreigners

Land Price Survey

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: "Land and Real Property in Japan"

Rosenka The official land valuation published by the National Tax Administration Agency (Japanese)

The Earth: "Price, Yield, Population, Fault Line and Zoning maps" (Japanese)

JIS: Fault line details

JIS: Probabilistic seismic hazard maps for the Tokyo area (Japanese)

Shiawase Home: Beautiful old houses for sale in Niigata

Interlink: A foreign owned real estate company in Nagoya

Expat Apartments: Real Estate agent in Osaka specialized in renting to foreigners

Financial Times: "Reasons to fall for Japanese love hotel fundraiser"

Nov 30 2010 Japan Today: "Real estate in Japan: A good time to buy or not?"

Herengracht Location Value Index, chart and accompanying article in New York Times: This Very, Very Old House

Webinar with Chris Dillon, the author of 'Landed: The guide to buying property in Japan'

Andrew Woolner's blog: "House Hunting in Japan"

BBC: "The stigma of Japan's 'suicide apartments'"

Bloomberg: "Billionaire Sons Aspire to Make Snowbound Niseko Asia's Aspen"

Grant Thorton: "Taxation of Real Property Investment in Japan"

Grant Thorton: "Investing in real estate in Japan"

TSE Home Price Indices

The Japan Tax Site: "The Japanese taxation of real estate income for individuals"

Oshimaland: "Map of properties where violent deaths and suicides occurred"

IPD/RECRUIT Residential Index

Liquefaction Risk Map

Earthquake Hazard Map

Japan Links

John Lyday Financial Planning

Making online reservations at hotels and guesthouses

Cost comparison mobile phone rental

Grant Thornton: "Doing business in japan"